Christopher William Blackwell ︎
@chriswblackwell ︎︎︎
 JPay: WA 813709 

As the cofounder and board member of Look2Justice, Chris, along with the rest of the L2J team, works to educate communities (behind prison walls and in society) through civic-education-empowerment. This empowerment allows many to understand the legislative system and its process in creating and passing bills protecting underprivileged and impoverished communities in receiving fair and equal treatment.

Through this work he's been requested to speak about his experiences in the criminal justice system -- since the age of 12 -- at legislative hearings and in late August of 2021, he was asked by the Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice to speak at the Race in Criminal Justice Task Force Report.

Along with the aforementioned, Chris and the L2J team, put on an annual symposium where the formally incarcerated, family members, community organizations, political actors, and activist attend with the goal of educating all connected to the criminal justice system in finding ways to better serve our communities. The event allows for many connections to be made and for the humanization of those held within our prison's to take place.

Chris is available for one on one consulting and for speaking (through recordings and over Zoom) about the work he does in these areas.